LATEST - Just got back from 2 weeks in Breckenridge Colorado.  Check out the pics below and the report on my Holidays Page.

Before 1995 my idea of a holiday was a last minute cheapy for sun, sand, etc. in the Med - not anymore.  My gym organized a skiing trip to Courmayeur in Italy which sparked a total switch from summer to winter holidays for me that continues to this day.  I had thought about going skiing for years but had never got around to it so this was a perfect opportunity.  It was the best holiday I ever had and I enjoyed it so much that I haven't been to a beach since.  The following year we went to Avoriaz in France where I tried snowboarding for a few painful hours.  I found it initially much more difficult to pick up than skiing but was hooked all the same.

In February 1997 a select group of us flew the pond to San Francisco in California.  We drove up to Lake Tahoe and stayed mostly in Heavenly but also visited Sierra and Kirkwood.  I did 2/3 boarding and 1/3 skiing,  hiring the best equipment I have ever used - a 155 Burton A deck, demoing that year,  and Salomon Equipe skis.  I fell in love with America and once you've been there you'll never want to ski Europe again!  I have since been to both Aspen and Steamboat Springs in Colorado several times, Breckenridge CO and Meribel in France.

My Burton Custom 152 took a real beating on the icy rock fields of Meribel last year so I treated myself to a shiny new Gnu Carbon High Beam 156 which performs perfectly.  Keeping my toes warm now are a snug fitting pair of the latest Salomon Synapse boots, replacing my trusty and very well worn Northwave's.

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Although I still enjoy skiing I have now gone completely over to boarding.  I can't recommend it highly enough and advise you to try it a.s.a.p.  If you've ever 'surfed' through deep fresh powder you'll know why !

I've got no time for skiers who hate boarding and vice versa.  There are just as many bad / reckless skiers as boarders.  There is plenty of room on the slopes for both to co-exist, respect each other and have fun.


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