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Welcome to January, 2012

Rise of the Planet of the Apes


Greetings and a very warm welcome to Planetangus.  My friends often say I am from another planet, actually there are 2 of them and you are now on Planetangus Prime.  It is only a short hop to Planetangus 2 - use the links below.  For your comfort and enjoyment please take a moment to acclimatize yourself to the slightly denser atmosphere and heavier gravity conditions.  For optimum viewing please use the IE7 virtual interface set @ 1024 x 768.  Planetangus is constantly evolving - look out for the latest updates on the tracker below to see where the ground is firm or where the lava is still dangerously hot underfoot.  Don't worry about the sky - it's always that colour.

Planetangus locked in stasis

I apologise to visitors to this website who must be repeatedly disappointed to find that planetangus has not been updated properly for a very long time.  I won't go into detail but I have been contending with 'issues' that have left me with little energy or inclination to work on my website or do much of anything else for that matter.  I hope to find more time and enthusiasm soon to continue with this hobby and provide you with further amusement and interest.  Thank you for your patience!   


A little bit about me  

I am a youthful, handsome, intelligent and extremely modest 45 year old who has somehow managed to pass himself off as a responsible civil servant for 26 years!  I have lived in Dover, England most of my life apart from a year at Polytechnic in Nottingham in 1984-1985 and 6 months training in Southend On Sea in Essex in 2000-2001.  You may have travelled on a ferry from Dover sometime en route to somewhere much nicer.  When I'm not at work, which is as often as possible, I pass the time in various ways:-

My Interests Include

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05 January 2012

  •  Planetangus has drifted to a different quadrant of the galaxy - but you shouldn't notice any difference =)

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