An Ode to Binabik

A silly poem in fond reverence to a fallen comrade in arms.



To fair Binabik

Rescuer of the Fabled Lost Blade of Thormindal
To whom Elves greet with cheer but Dwarves with a snarl
In whose debt the Disciples of Thorm will always be
A magic rapier is too little a fee
For a Halfling whose bravery is beyond compare
'Cept maybe for Frodo as he heads for Sauron's lair
Following in a noble tradition of courage and sacrifice
To risk his own life in deep dark places not nice
Be it in Forgotten Realms or Third Age Middle Earth
Hobbits are known for their stout hearts and love of mirth
For Elf friends and Ent friends they are and consorts of Wizards
With a pipe in their hands and fine mead down their gizzards
Through forests and mountains down rivers and through blizzards
They journey and toil to do battle with great fire lizards
Deep Moria passed and Lothlorien left with broken heart strings
Down Anduin and across Rohan where the warm west wind sings
Through mysterious Fangorn by Treebeard they are led
Till in Isengard much blood do they see shed
Marveling at tales of Helms Deep the Palantir and Saruman's greed
Still they would enjoy an 'SFX' magazine to read.




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Copyright John Angus Walker 1986,  2003. All rights reserved