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Hello and welcome to my species care pages.  Use the links below to check out each species.  I have colour coded them to categorise them by level of expertise required to care for them.

Green are species that are known to be docile and easy going.  Beginner friendly.  I'm a beginner so these are the ones I have at present.

I am a big Lord of the Rings fan so my 4 pets are named after the Hobbits - Frodo, Sam, Rosie, Merrie, Pippin & Lobelia.

Frodo died during his post maturation moult on 26/2/08. Farewell brave Hobbit =(  The good news is he has now been replaced by Rosie =)

Pippin died of uncertain causes in October 2010. Farewell brave Hobbit =(  The good news is he/she has now been replaced by Lobelia =)



Brachypelma auratum
Mexican Flame Knee

Brachypelma smithi
Mexican Red Knee

Grammostola pulchra
Brazilian Black

Grammostola rosea
Chilean Rose

Grammostola rosea
Chilean Rose

Brachypelma Albopilosum
Honduran Curly Hair