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Adult Chilean Rose specimen
Chilean Rose adult

Rosie on arrival

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Grammostola rosea

Chilean Rose (red phase)

75 - 80 F

65 - 70 %


? cm


? cm

12-15 cm (5-6 ")




Rosie is so named because she is a red phase Chilean Rose tarantula and in LOTR Rosie Cotton replaced Frodo in Sam's life. These spiders are one of the most common tarantulas kept as pets and although it is reported that some can have strange personality traits (a bit like me really) they are generally docile and ideal for beginner keepers like me.  They have urticating hairs but hardly ever use them.  They reach about average size and are long lived so I am hoping Rosie is with me for many years.  Chilean Rose are burrowers but will adopt a provided shelter to get some privacy.  Spiderlings can drink moisture straight from the substrate which should be wetted regularly but when they are larger a jar lid or flower pot base can be used as a water dish.

Rosie, like Frodo was, is the most likely to take cover in her house with the slightest disturbance. She soon re-appears if a cricket hits the ground and is on it in a flash.  If she continues to feed like this she will grow into a big fat Hobbit! I will take further piccies of her as she grows and develops, which should take quite a few years as Chile Rose are slow growing.


08/05/09.  I purchased Rosie from my local exotic pet store in Canterbury. I had been looking for a suitable replacement for Frodo and quite fancied a red phase chili rose if possible.  She fit the bill perfectly as she was guaranteed female, about the same size as my other Hobbits and had a nice pinkish tinge to her. 

08/07/09. I had handled Rosie briefly when I first put her in her new home but this was my first proper handling experience of her when she came out of her pot during a water top up. She was calm and unflustered by the strange surroundings and seemed quite happy to wander over my hands and feet (very tickly) until I put her back. Unfortunately I didn't think to get my camera out for a picture.