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Scientific Name

Common Name



Adult Size

Setup Required



Gigantica Cardiaccus

Shelob The Great

35 - 55 F

50 - 70 %

F***** Enormous


Off  The Scale

Middle Earth

This creature is the stuff of nightmares and fortunately one of a kind.  She is ageless beyond measure and has a dark malicious mind of evil.  Luckily she is the last surviving direct descendant of Ungoliant, a hideously foul demon in spider form that spread evil and ruin across Middle Earth in ages past. Large and nasty enough to attack an African bull elephant in musk she is the undisputed Queen of the Arachnids and should be treated with a healthy respect.  No ordinary enclosure will hold her, instead a large natural cave or disused railway tunnel far removed from human habitation is highly recommended.  She would make an ideal guardian for your mountain ringed kingdom of darkness if you had a handy cave in a high pass to keep her in.  Preferring to lurk in the dark waiting for hapless victims she does not venture outside much and so would not make a very good show spider.  Preferred food is anything of child size or greater that is stupid or desperate enough to wander by.  Despite her size she can move remarkably quickly and her brooding evil presence is enhanced even more by a foul choking odour.  Just in case you missed it - she is without doubt the oldest, largest, fastest, most aggressive and evil thing on eight legs.