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Hello and welcome to my species care pages.  Use the links below to check out each species.  I have colour coded them to categorise them by level of expertise required to care for them.

Green are species that are known to be fast, large and aggressive.  Experience recommended

Yellow are species that are known to be very fast, very large and very aggressive.  Experts recommended.

Red are species that are known to be extremely fast, extremely large and extremely aggressive.  Only if you think you're hard enough!


Ceratogyrus bechuanicus
Burst Horned Baboon

Ceratogyrus brachycephalus
Greater Horned Baboon

Ceratogyrus marshalli
Straight Horned Baboon

Cithariscius crawshayi
King Baboon

Gigantica Cardiaccus
Shelob The Great

Poecilotheria fasciata
Sri Lankan Ornamental

Poecilotheria formosa
Salem Ornamental

Poecilotheria ornata
Fringed Ornamental

Poecilotheria regalis
Indian Ornamental

Poecilotheria rufilata
Redslate Ornamental

Psychomentalis alienachus
Face Hugger

Theraphosa blondi
Goliath Birdeater