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Scientific Name

Common Name



Adult Size

Setup Required



Poecilotheria sp.

Ornamental Tarantulas

80 - 85 F

75 - 80 %

9 " +


Very Aggressive


The Ornamentals are a case of both beauty and beast.  They form one of the largest group of arboreal species and are certainly not for beginners as they are all very fast moving and very aggressive. They require the normal arboreal set up, tall enclosure, 2" vermiculite substrate and a piece of cork bark to climb and web on.  These highly aggressive species are believed to have a very serious bite and combined with their speed and large size makes them truly formidable creatures.  Treat with the utmost respect and exercise great caution when feeding, re-housing or during tank maintenance.  They feed well and will even take birds when fully grown.  Got an annoying neighbour who keeps racing pigeons or budgies?  Sneak your baby into the aviary and watch the feathers fly!  They are aggressive and will adopt a threat posture if disturbed and will bite with little provocation.  They grow very fast and are very aggressive, and fast, and large.  Did I mention they are very aggressive?  Well they certainly are.