Lethal skull_ani.gif



Hugger2 Scientific Name

Common Name



Adult Size

Setup Required



Psychomentalis alienachus

Face Hugger



4 ' +


Extremely Aggressive

LV 426 (extra terrestrial)

Now you're talking!  African Baboons too docile?  Asian Ornamentals too slow?  Goliath Birdeater too small?  You've graduated to senior class now.  These creatures are mental!  A combination of unparalleled levels of aggression, blindingly fast movement, bowel loosening size and a steel hauser like prehensile tail.  This creature does not bother with urticating hairs, threat displays or bites.  Instead it goes straight for the throat with a very nasty facial parasitic implantation attack and bleeds molecular acid if cut.  These creatures require highly specialised containment conditions.  They come sealed inside large Transparisteel (TM) glass stasis tanks filled with special amniotic nutrient fluid.  They survive on liquid nutrient which must be syringed into the container via the supplied valve port in the lid.  DO NOT RELEASE THE LID UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - THESE CREATURES ARE LETHAL.  If it escapes and you are unfortunate enough to be present there is a 95% chance that you will succumb to embryo implantation.  After a short gestation period you will die a very violent and agonizing death.  If you are unbelievably lucky and somehow manage to trap it, run like hell to your nearest military base for immediate assistance.  These creatures are highly illegal and are banned under ICC quarantine law so you can expect a hefty prison sentence if caught with one.  Did I mention they are extremely aggressive, large and fast?  Well they certainly are - and some.