Hello everyone.  Firstly my appologies for not posting any updates for quite a long time.  I know you are all eager for more of my journal entries and dying to learn some top magic tips but I have been busy with other matters elsewhere and just haven't been able to find the time.  However I promise that I will get my finger out as soon as fremlinly possible and will be back with new and exciting stuff for you.  Please continue to watch this space - your patience will be rewarded!       

Welcome to my very own mini-website generously hosted free of charge on Planetangus.  My name is Frillinix The Magnificent and if you've been in the Eastern Heartlands of the Realms in the last year or so you'll probably have heard of me.  Within these pages you can read all about my AD&D adventuring in the Forgotten Realms campaign world.  Stay on this page for riveting and entertaining regularly updated accounts of what my chums and I have been getting up to.

If you are an aspiring mage and want advice, guidance and the benefit of first hand field experience you're in luck.  Being an accomplished & completely self taught mage I can help you.  Teleport yourself over to my very own special Magic GuideGOTO Magic Guide

If you are one of those techy types who get excited about percentile dice rolls, To Hit modifiers and such like then you'll want to know all about the nitty gritty game mechanics of what I do and how I do it.  Sharpen your pencil, flip open your notepad and evaluate my Tech StuffGOTO Tech Stuff



Ok then here goes.  Maybe I should start by telling you a little bit about myself.....

I'm Frillinix The Magnificent.  I told you that already.

My incredible good looks and general magnificence - hence the name - are due mostly to amazing luck as I was born a Fremlin.  We are a race of handsome & intelligent flying goblinoids that are often mistaken for imps, which I would find rather amusing if it wasn't for superstitious folk trying to kill me.  We are closely related to Gremlins and are generally mischievous rather than malicious but we tend to suffer from their sordid reputation all the same.

I come from quite a small family, there are only 8 of us broodlings so Mim & Dod have quite an easy time of it.  I have 2 older brothers Ibble and Dibble and 2 older sisters Obble and Gobble.  There were 3 of us in my brood so I have 2 twins Billi and Milli.  Then there is little Spandex The Splendiferous, my younger sister.  Unfortunately her 4 broodlings did not survive a difficult birth so she was given a special name to make up for being an only child.  When I started adventuring I thought I needed a more impressive moniker than just Frilli so I followed the example of my little sis and made it much grander.  We all get on tremendously except for Gobble.  She's got a bit of a chip on her shoulder which isn't helped by me constantly making jokes about her name - she doesn't like me much!   

I come from an alternate plane of existence to yours.  This may be a hard concept to grasp for some of you 'flat earth' types so I won't try to explain too much as it will melt your brains.  Being extra planar means I am immune to all non-magical weapons and damage which has come in REALLY useful on a number of occasions.  Another natural benefit is my size.  Standing an impressive 15" at my ear tips I am quite tall for a Fremlin but very small compared to all the humanoid races that exist on this plane.  I have found races in general here are very 'sizist' and bigger is always considered better.  Port over to my plane and you'll find that is definitely not the case.  Maybe you've heard of one of my distant relations - Yoda?  'Nuff said.

So why am I here?  Some of the places, beings and dimensions (steady, you flat earthers) in my plane are REALLY weird & nasty and being a friendly little creature like me can be very scary indeed.  In my travels I became aquainted with a powerful being who goes by the aka of Tanith The Red (I can't pronounce her real name).  She said she was coming over to the Forgotten Realms on some sort of work experience gig and asked if I wanted to tag along for a laugh.

I arrived in the Realms about 2 years ago and have been having a grand time of it since.

This is the really interesting part.  I'm going to tell you all about my intrepid adventures and all the exciting things that have happened to me in my journal.  Zip on over and read the latest........
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