This is my journal where you can read all about my adventures........  



OK then where shall I start?  I suppose my adventures in the Forgotten Realms began when I blinked into existence under a table in a quiet corner of the World Serpent Inn in Arabel, Cormyr.  I had arranged to meet Tanith who had been there for some time already.  It was the first time I had been outside my own plane and so it was really nice to see somewhere different.  I had heard a bit about how this plane worked and what sort of creatures inhabited it so was keen to see for myself and get involved in some exiting stuff.  I had a wander round the inn and despite getting some funny looks was left unmolested, which made a nice change.  It wasn't long before Tanith turned up and found me.  She said she had gathered a likely group of adventuring types together and made arrangements for us to escort a merchant caravan to the coast and then across the Dragonmere to a place called Eversult.

She took me to a table that had a motley group of races sitting round.  They were getting to know each other over a few drinks and Tanith introduced me to them as the final member of their party.  I got some strange looks from some of them, not surprising really as they probably wouldn't have seen a Fremlin before.  There was Thrin Golfrin, an Elf, who seemed a pleasant enough character.  He looked like a real outdoor type and appeared slightly uncomfortable in the confined surroundings.  Sitting next to him, smoking a pipe and chatting gaily whilst keeping a keen eye on all goings on was a little curly haired chap who was almost on a par with me height wise.  He was Theo the Halfling.  The various Elven races were well represented as the next person I was introduced to was Cordyr Whitewolf.  Another obvious outdoor type but who had an altogether more wild and untamed look about him than Thrin.  He was quiet and didn't seem overly friendly.  Last but certainly not least was a gorgeous looking she Elf called Cordelia Seaspray.  She was tall and beautiful with long dark hair, long legs and curves in all the right places so I'm told.  Despite her obvious visual appeal I got the distinct impression she could handle herself without too much trouble.  Tanith's adopted human female form was also very appealing but she had a much more imposing, harder edge than Cordelia and looked like you wouldn't want to mess with her - which you wouldn't - I'd seen what she was capable of!

After a couple of small tankards in the inn (this beer stuff is great isn't it?) we decided to go out and get ourselves organised for the task ahead.  We all split up as everyone needed to get various things in different places and agreed to meet back in the inn later for more beer - excellent!  I didn't really need anything so tagged along with Theo and Thrin who were long time chums and went to the market for a nose around.  Here's where I got myself into trouble, it doesn't take much.  We came across a fruit and veg stall with some tasty looking small round things that smelled really nice.  I didn't think the stall owner would mind me having a few free samples but he actually got quite upset with me when I pocketed them.  He started shouting and going on about thieves and city guards and dungeons.  Time to make myself scarce.  Escape was easy being so small amongst crowds of big folk so I had no trouble getting away.  I felt rather aggrieved at being branded a common thief so thought I'd teach him a lesson.  I flew up to the rooftops surrounding the market where I had a good view of the stall below.  I thought I'd play an amusing prank on him by making his precious squashy produce fly around and splatter all over him.  Chuckling to myself I cast a simple Scatterspray spell but was shocked when it wasn't the grumpy stallholder's produce that went whizzing into the air.  Somehow my spell had missed his stall and found the blacksmith's instead making all the hot coals from his forge fly around!  This in itself was quite funny but then things started catching fire all over the place when coals landed on wooden stalls and straw roofs.  Before long there were fires springing up all over the market and there was quite a panic!  I must admit I felt rather guilty causing such a fuss and thought it best to flap back to the inn and wait for the others to return.

As the inn gradually filled in the evening all talk was of the big fire in the market place and how much damage it had caused.  I kept my head down, which wasn't hard, and listened with interest.  The only person who was suspicious of me was Tanith who knew some of the things I had got up to in the past.  When she asked if I had anything to do with it I answered a bit sheepishly but with perfect honesty that I would never do anything like that on purpose.  She gave me a long look then laughed with a wicked glint in her eye.

The next day we set out for Suzail on the coast.  The merchant caravan comprised a number of horse drawn wagons of various sizes carrying all manner of things.  A number of them seemed to have suffered some fire damage and several of the merchants were grumbling about losing their stalls yesterday - funny that.  The journey to Eversult was to take almost two weeks and our party was being paid to provide security so the way I saw it we had nothing to do unless there was a problem.  I spent my time getting to know my new companions and visiting the merchants, chatting to them and having a little look see in the back of their wagons.  There were all sorts of marvelous things and I thought some of the smaller high value items might be safer in my satchel where I could keep a close eye on them.  The wagon drivers seemed busy concentrating on wagon driving stuff so I didn't think they wanted to be bothered with the details.  One of the wagons was full of lovely soft rolls of cloth that really were very comfy.  With the warmth of the afternoon sun and the gentle rocking motion of the wagon I felt myself getting rather sleepy so I spent the rest of the day conserving my energy snoozing in the back.

The journey to Suzail really was pretty boring but things started to pick up when we finally arrived at the docks.....



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